Effingham, Illinois – February 20, 2024 Vantage Surgical Solutions is pleased to announce the appointment of Brooks O’Brien as a Surgical Sales Representative. With a proven track record as a results-driven solutions expert in the biomedical science field, Brooks brings a wealth of experience in connecting surgeons with innovations that enhance procedural efficiency and patient care.

“Brooks’s passion for finding innovative solutions and his dedication to delivering exceptional service make him an ideal addition to our team,” said Vantage RVP of Sales, Add Owen.

Having graduated from Grand Valley State with degrees in BioMedical Science and Chemistry, Brooks’ educational background perfectly complements his professional expertise. His dedication to finding cutting-edge solutions that streamline surgical procedures aligns seamlessly with Vantage’s commitment to innovation and excellence.

Brooks joins an expanding sales Vantage sales team and will report to the RVP of Sales, Add Owen. He will be based in Michigan. We are confident that his unique skill set and passion for driving positive change will greatly benefit both our team and our customers.

“I am honored to join Vantage Surgical Solutions and contribute to the advancement of surgical solutions that improve patient outcomes. I am excited to collaborate with the team and bring innovative solutions to our customers,” said Brooks O’Brien.

About Vantage
Vantage Surgical Solutions has been equipping facilities for specialty surgical services since 1991, with customers in 23 states. The company began delivering state-of-the-art cataract surgery equipment, IOLs, instrumentation, disposables, expert staff, and supplies, to enable hospitals, surgery centers, and physicians to provide local communities with the highest quality cataract surgery experience. The recent addition of surgical services within the gastroenterology space expands the company’s ability to broaden its reach. A portfolio company within Pharos Capital Group, Vantage Surgical Solutions is focused on client success which has resulted in a customer retention rate of 99.8%. Its focus is expanding the business to offer reliable, expert surgical solutions that reduce the cost and improve access for rural healthcare.

For more information about Vantage Surgical Solutions, visit www.vantage.healthcare.