Brentwood, Tennessee, May 19, 2023 – Vantage Surgical Solutions, a leading innovator in mobilized cataract surgery, is pleased to announce the addition of Texas-based Sean Jennings to its growing business development team. This strategic move aims to support the company’s ongoing efforts to expand its market share and geographic footprint and to fortify its position as a key player in the mobilized cataract surgical field.

Jennings, a seasoned sales professional with an impressive track record in the medical solutions sector, joins Vantage as a Surgical Sales Representative. In this role, he is responsible for driving revenue growth, forging strategic partnerships, and developing and executing sales strategies to capitalize on emerging market opportunities in southern Texas.

With a deep understanding of the ophthalmologic surgical landscape and a proven ability to establish and nurture customer relationships, Sean brings valuable expertise to Vantage. The company is confident that he will play a pivotal role in accelerating its market expansion efforts and elevating the company’s sales performance to new heights.

“We are thrilled to welcome Sean to our team,” said Sean O’Donnell, Chief Growth Officer of Vantage Surgical Solutions. “His extensive experience working with optometrists and ophthalmologists to bring innovations to rural healthcare markets, coupled with strong business acumen and a customer-centric approach, will greatly contribute to our growth trajectory. We are confident that Sean Jennings will help us expand our position as a global leader in the cataract surgery market.”

Vantage Surgical Solutions is at the forefront of transforming the way rural hospitals and providers respond to the needs of their communities. By making surgical procedures traditionally delivered in more urban environments available to rural communities, Vantage is helping providers deliver more complete care in their own communities. From advanced technology, specialized personnel, and deep expertise in the cataract surgical space to all the supplies necessary to deliver the best care, Vantage is equipping healthcare organizations to empower healthier communities. By enabling local specialty surgical procedures and providing access to expert resources, regardless of geographical limitations, Vantage Surgical Solutions is revolutionizing the way the treatment of cataracts is performed nationwide.

The addition of Jennings to the Vantage team marks an exciting chapter for the company as it continues to disrupt the surgical industry and expand its presence in key markets. The company remains committed to delivering innovative solutions that improve patient outcomes and enhance the efficiency and accessibility of surgical procedures.

About Vantage Surgical Solutions
Vantage has been equipping facilities for specialty surgical services since 1991, with customers in 23 states. The company currently delivers state-of-the-art cataract surgery equipment, IOLs, instrumentation, disposables, expert staff, and supplies, that enable hospitals, surgery centers, and physicians to provide local communities with the highest quality cataract surgery experience. A portfolio company within Pharos Capital Group, Vantage is focused on client success which has resulted in a customer retention rate of 99.8%. Its focus is expanding the business to offer reliable, expert surgical solutions that reduce the cost and improve access for rural healthcare.

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