For more than 32 years, Vantage has been the gold standard for mobilized surgical solutions in the ophthalmology space and has expanded its clinical reach to include GI screenings such as colonoscopies and esophagogastroduodenoscopy (EGD) tests. We arm rural healthcare practitioners to deliver continuity of care to their community by bringing a turn-key solution for delivering screens that more than 130 million Americans need to prevent advanced colon cancer and address other GI conditions.

Click on the image below to hear from Vantage Clinical Specialist, Bec Söll, share some of the many benefits of Vantage’s GI surgical services.

Intro to GI video

As a part of our overall solution, Vantage offers the latest in advanced technologies and equipment, highly specialized support personnel, and disposable products necessary to deliver a first-class GI screening program. And, with only 2 days a month…just 80 cases…rural healthcare facilities can add $1.2 M to its bottom line with no upfront costs and no capital expenditures.

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