Vantage Surgical Solutions announces the company’s first deployment of the innovative RayOne EMV IOL, in concert with Dr. Pranay Gupta, MD of TriCities Hospital in Hopewell, Virginia.  This groundbreaking technology is a novel preloaded, non-diffractive IOL pioneered by Rayner.

How does RayOne EMV work?
RayOne EMV is a truly non-diffractive IOL that does not use light splitting technology like many IOLs. The result of Rayner’s patented technology is smoother, blended transition between the eyes when compared to monovision with standard monofocals, which reduces astenopia and maintains binocular stereocuity. The patient experiences high-quality, spectacle-free distance vision with increased range focus and optimal performance under low-light conditions.

Source: Rayner

Physicians like Dr. Gupta appreciate the advanced technology of the RayOne EMV IOL and streamlined deployment with fully preloaded instruments.

“Quite simply, my patients look to me to optimize their vision,” noted ophthalmologist and Vantage customer, Dr. Pranay Gupta. “When I come across a technology that allows me to do that while minimizing some of the side effects and risks of traditional lens, I am thrilled. “Working with Vantage allows me to access the latest ophthalmic innovations and puts a team at my side to ensure every detail is covered to ensure a great experience for my patient.”

Vantage Surgical Solutions has been equipping Dr. Gupta and TriCities Hospital since 2017 with state-of-the-art cataract surgery equipment, IOLs, instrumentation, disposables, expert staff, and supplies, that enable them to provide local communities with the highest quality cataract surgery experience. Working with Vantage allows Dr. Gupta to access the very latest technology and equipment without the capital outlay, staff, and supply chain challenges required by orchestrating these specialty procedures in-house.

What ophthalmic innovations can Vantage put in your hands today to help you deliver the best care and experience possible for your patients?